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Product Description

  • Transparent heavy duty shutters with the advantage of visibility and security
  • The transparent heavy duty shutter is fabricated with high impact resistance Polycarbonate sheets and hinged together with aluminium alloy 6063 which form a transparent rollable curtain. Both ends of the curtain are reinforced with solid aluminium panel stopper with steel wind locks to withstand strong winds.
  • This design aims for clear visibility with trustable security specifications.
  • It ideally caters for industrial and commercial front-end openings such as fire brigades, hospitals, car and airplane display site, high value industrial and commercial display, large size showrooms, shopping mall and commercial building entrances and commercial car park entrances. It is designed for durability and to withstand high volume usage.
  • Comes with a double angle bottom bar designed to reduce noise effectively whilst fitted with PVC weather seals to prevent wind and water gaps between the floor and bottom bar.
  • Architectural grade outdoor UV protected powder coat finishing


  • LED traffic lights indicating moving shutter and instructions for Stop & Go. Ideal for enclosed areas and warehouses.
  • Heavy duty high speed motor equipped with upper and lower limit switches. Moving speed of 250mm per second with 24 months warranty
  • Wireless remote control


  • Guide rail are designed with wind locking groove and built-in space for Light-sensitive curtain sensors. Serves as safety measure in detecting any moving and stationary objects below the shutter.
  • Sound deduction PVC strips installed into guide grooves for noise control and greaseless design
  • Double angle bottom bar and PVC weather seals for noise control and minimising gap between bottom bar and floor
  • Thickness and BHP Zincalume finishing
  • Up to 10000mm (Width) x 8000mm (Height)*


  • SIRIM; Impact Tested in Japan