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The Star Newspaper, Page 30, Nation Section (21/03/2012)

The Trade and Public are hereby informed that SKB Shutters Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (SKB Shutters) is the pioneer manufacturer of transparent roller shutters/doors and the registered proprietor of Malaysian Patent No. MY-128431-A in respect of roller door/shutters marketed under the brand “Vision-7”.

Any person, firm, or company found to make, offer for sale, sell or use roller doors/shutters that exploit the patented features of Malaysian Patent No. MY-128431-A without the written permission of the patent owner will be liable for infringement of the patented proprietary rights of SKB Shutters.

NOTICE it is hereby given to the trade and public that by judgement given on 24 September 2010, the Kuala Lumpur High Court in Civil Suit No. D5(IP)-22-800-2008 (‘the Suit’), had inter alia granted a permanent injunction against the Defendants from infringing SKB Shutters Malaysian Patent No. MY-128431-A.

It has come to the attention of SKB Shutters that there are commercial establishments that have installed roller shutters on their premises which infringe upon Malaysian Patent No. MY-128431-A. The trade and public are advised that the use of roller shutters that do not comply with stringent quality testing standards may cause damage to the premises and injury to people. SKB Shutters shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the use of roller shutters that are not manufactured by SKB Shutters.

WARNING IS FURTHER GIVEN that in the event of any unauthorised exploitation or infringement of Malaysian Patent No. MY-128431-A, SKB Shutters Manufacturing Sdn Bhd will take immediate action to protect their proprietary rights including claims for injunction, damages and costs.

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