SKB is one of the largest storage solution manufacturer in Malaysia. We offer light-duty, medium-duty and heavy duty racking systems and supplies to large-scale distributors and warehouses in the region. We also collaborate with warehouse solution providers to cater for automated storage systems. Click to explore more about our SpeedRack for home and small businesses and Palletlock for heavy duty purposes.

Longspan Shelving System

Medium and Heavy Duty

SKB Longspan Shelving system is an easy to assembly system which is ideal for the storage of large, heavy or awkwardly shaped items.

Multi-Tiers / Raised Storage System

Medium and Heavy Duty

This system is the fast way to add extra floor space within the shell of an existing building. In fact, you can virtually double your floor space without changing premises – or increasing your rent.

Pallet Flow Rack System (FIFO)

Medium and Heavy Duty

­This system is similar to Push Back System except loads are generally deposited on one side and flow gently to the other. In many ways a Flow Rack is like a conveyor within a rack structure.

What is a Warehouse Racking System? And How to Choose the Right One for You?

A warehouse racking system is a storage solution designed to stack materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels. These systems can help you manage and better utilize your warehouse space while organizing cargo to streamline operations.

How To Choose a Racking System?

In today's global trade environment and especially with the massive boost via e-commerce, proper inventory and the streamlining of warehouse operations determines a business's long-term viability. Warehouse planning professionals are constantly searching for the right warehouse racking system in their space planning and workflow schematics.

SKB has a comprehensive array of warehouse racking systems to suit every application imaginable. However, the fundamentals of what makes a good racking system remains the same and they are:

Versatility of tracking system to complement your logistical needs

The versatility of the racking system that can be optimised to take advantage of existing warehouse space. The type and configuration of racking system should maximise the utilisation of your existing available warehouse space.


Cost overruns are common in warehousing space set ups. It is imperative that the selection of a warehouse racking system is managed stringently and in accordance to your budget.

Storage Utilization

Determine your maximum available space that can be utilised in your intended racking system. Some critical considerations are the turnover cycles of your products, quantity, size and weight of your cargo.

Forklift Accessibility

A well thought out warehouse racking system must provide adequate aisle space for forklift manoeuvrability. Workplace safety is a major issue and a good warehouse racking environment help to ensure the safety of its workers and goods.

Inventory Management

An appropriate racking system goes a long way towards better inventory management. Goods are being moved at frantic paces to meet delivery datelines, so an efficient warehouse racking system is critical.

SKB, being a premier and long-established racking management, solutions provider and manufacturer is well placed to working with you to acquire the right system for your needs and at the most cost-effective budget.

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