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Product Description

  • S5-Modular Shelving System is a multi functional shelving system for all types of storage requirements.
  • It offers the best solution for an unlimited range of storage application with manually handled light to heavy loads, small and medium sized goods, bulky components and multi-tie racking system complete with mezzanine floors.


  • Fasy and rapid assembly as most components are secured to one another
  • Increases storage capacity by simply adding additional shelves without the use of sophisticated tools
  • With its modular design and perfect stability, a multi-tier installation can be extended at a later date
  • Can be extended in height, length and width
  • Excellent loading capacity
  • Very versatile solutions to meet rapidly changing logistic
  • Wide range of accessories and components such as dividers, doors, clothes hangers, horizontal beams, side and back cladding can be adapted into the system
  • Any storage needs from folders to boxes, parts, clothing and heavy loads


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