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Product Description


  • This system is the fast way to add extra floor space within the shell of an existing building. In fact, you can virtually double your floor space without changing premises – or increasing your rent. Raised storage areas provide the means to create separate zones within one centralized facility, so you can separate areas for bulky items, fragile items, warehousing and dispatch, fast-moving and slow mobbing stock, and so on. Each installation is tailored to the site and the load-bearing performance required maximizing economy and safety.

Advantages & Features

  • ­­Storing & working can be done simultaneously.
  • Additional storage levels are possible with raised storage area from the same size area as the ground floor installation.
  • System can be extended as necessary, both longitudinally and front-to-back.
  • Different kinds of racking system, like pallet racking, live storage, boltless shelving system can be used as a supporting system.



  • ­Storage of mixtures of pallets, cartons, drums or bins.
  • Work station to be located within the storage area without hassle of building a separate working office.
  • Order picking for packing is possible.