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Product Description

  • Our patented VISION-7 ® transparent roller shutters enhances visibility and security over commonly used aluminium roller shutters for both commercial and residential settings.
  • The transparent roller shutters are made of polycarbonate panels and aluminium hinges. This provides high level of security where PC is known and tested to be high impact resistant.
  • It is uniquely designed for long-term durability, environmental friendly, energy-saving and highly indestructible thus ideal for anti-theft and trespassing.
  • These shutters ideally caters for
    • Openings at display sites;
    • Jewellery boutiques;
    • High end and high value display showroom;
    • Bank openings to separate ATM and CDMs from internal operations;
    • Art galleries and museums;
    • Health and beauty salons;
    • Shopping malls, atrium and retail stores;
    • Commercial and residential garage; and
    • Transportation hubs such as airports and railway stations.
  • The VISION-7 ® transparent roller shutters are also popular among residential homes where it is mainly used to create a barrier from the outside at terrace/patios, swimming pool area, garage, main entrance, garden and staircase.
  • The key benefit of the transparent roller shutters provides a dual functional barrier where visibility from the security transparent panels enables window display to be securely separated from the outside after business hours and any unauthorised action can be seen through CCTV hence reduces lag time in reporting incidences.
  • Excellent power coat finishing for all areas except transparent panels.


      • Available in vertical and lateral sliding method of closure
      • Motorised and Non-motorised
      • Available in standard design and all aluminium design
      • ­Optional features include:
        • Powder coated wood effect
        • Air pressure safety bottom sensor
        • Extra upper limit safety switch
        • Steel wind lock at both ends
        • Wireless remote control
        • Stainless steel guides
        • Guide silencer strips
        • Nylon belts fitted into guide rails and centre mullions
        • Heavy duty aluminium surface mounted guide SKB-G65AS with flexible PVC


      • Guide rail are designed with wind lock
      • Bottom bar available in T-shape or extruded box section
      • Heavy duty 7 – 12mm steel plate for both ends and supported with steel sections frame one coat of premier primer coat
      • Shutter enclosure box are made of first grade steel plate with steel hollow sections framing design, zincalume steel and powder coated.
      • Up to 8000mm (Width) x 6000mm (Height)


      • SIRIM – Impact Resistance
      • 1998 MITI Industrial Excellence Product Award
      • 1999 Selangor State Excellent Product Award