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Product Description

Roller Grilles

  • Battery power caters up to 8 cycles of up-down operation battery power
  • IR safety beam sensor equipped ready-to-install connection
  • Flash light and alarm signals equipped with
  • ready-to-install connection
  • Built-in wireless rolling code remote control
  • Multiple wireless remote transmitters ready
  • Built-in endless chain links in case of battery is flat
  • Designed with replaceable DC battery 12V 4.0amp
  • Automatically charges battery using the micro chip.
  • Low maintenance & safety fuse design.
  • Built-in push button switches in control box.
  • Control up, down and stop via push button
  • Easy-lift shutters during power failure with built-in battery


Note: IR Beam Sensors, Alarm & Flash Light are optional

AC Motor vs DC Motor

  • Easy-lift shutters via end chain links during power failure instead of built-in battery
  • Manual pull of endless chain links to lift shutters and takes time to operate
  • Lifting of shutters is limited to one side of the shutters and not on both sides