Product Description

  • The SKB Fold Up Door is designed for an alternative opening and closing mechanism that enhances aesthetic appearance as well as to enjoy the space of an full opening. Designers can customise the face design of the door on the fold-up door structure.


  • Motorised and Non-motorised (counter balance design) method of closure
  • LED traffic lights indicating moving shutter and instructions for Stop & Go. Ideal for enclosed areas and warehouses.
  • Optional features include:
    • Powder coated wood effect
    • Air pressure safety bottom sensor
    • Extra upper limit safety switch
    • Steel wind lock at both ends
    • Wireless remote control
    • Stainless steel guides
    • Guide silencer strips
    • Nylon belts fitted into guide rails and centre mullions
    • Heavy duty aluminium surface mounted guide SKB-G65AS with flexible PVC


  • Fabricated with superior quality steel hollow sections and braced where necessary to withstand heavy duty wind load
  • Standard cladding with Zinc-coated pre-painted pressed design pattern
  • Door panels are fixed to the inner face of jambs and glide along the heavy duty C-channel face fixed behind the wall next to the clear opening