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Product Description

  • Normal to High Travelling Speed – 500mm per second
  • Strong & High Wind Resistance – 100 to 220km/h wind speed
  • Excellent Air Tightness for weather-proof and clean room applications
  • Sound Insulation up to 32dB
  • High Performance – Security Barrier, Riot Protection, Sandstorm, Harsh Weather and Weapon Storage Door
  • Drive system designed up to 30 years useful life
  • 100 Cycles per minute with air-cooled motor
  • Safety features include obstruction detection sensor



  • F7D Double-wall Galvanised Steel
  • F7DA Double-wall Aluminium
  • F7DAA6 Double-wall Aluminium 6mm


  • F100DA Double-wall Aluminium
  • F100DAV with Transparent Vision Panel


  • F100DASS Anti-Sand Storm Design
  • F100DAT with Thermal Break for Insulation


Drive Barrel Pipe
BS Standard Welded Steel Pipe of 250mm Diameter with 50mm Solid Steel Shaft and Bearing Blocks


  • Natural Finish
  • Powder coated to 5-stage Pre-treatment with Architectural Grade quality and double oven-curing process

Motor Drive Unit

  • Power Source: 230v Single Phase 50 Hz or 415v 3 Phase 60 Hz
  • Motor with Manual Hand Crank or Endless Chain Override
  • Operate via Push Button or Auto Close when receive 24vDC Fire Signal

Smooth Closing Bottom Bar
Model: SKB-SPB-80

  • Long lasting Santoprene Extrusion to seal gaps for uneven floors
  • Equipped with Built-in Safety Sensor Slot


  • Customisable Speed & High Speed Operation: 70, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 and 500mm per second traveling speed
  • Wind Resistance Performance: 60, 100, 150 and 200km/h
  • Safety Sensor: Available in options of Infrared Light Curtain, Single Beam Infrared Sensor, Bottom
    Edge Air Sensor and Tape Switch Sensor
  • Operation Method: Push Button, Wireless Secured Remote Control with Patented Rolling Codes,
    Wireless Push Button Wall Switch, Radar Sensor, Vehicle-only Detection Sensor, Digital Keypad Access
  • For extra large openings – able to customise removable sliding mullion
  • Safety Brake Arrester for Safety Prevention – Prevent roller shutters from sudden descend



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