Push Back Pallet Racking System (FILO)

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SKB Push Back Pallet Racking allows greater selectivity of pallets but the same storage density as the drive-in/drive-thru.

While Drive-in or Drive-thru Pallet Racking limits selectivity, the Push Back Pallet Racking enables more stock picking faces. It is suitable for medium stock turnover type of goods and every level of the racks can be loaded with different types of homogeneous goods.

The Push Back Pallet Racking also works on a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) stock arrangement with an increased selection of product within the lane.

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Advantages & Features
  • To eliminate honey combing or empty pick faces.
  • Ideal application when all loads in a lane are identical and first-in / first-out stock rotation is not crucial.
  • Ingenious high-density storage system that able to handle just about any pallet design and is tailored to meet every requirement in the area of fast moving goods.
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