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­The Powerless Auto Lift Up Safety (also known as PALUS) is an elderly and kid-friendly tool to lift up roller shutters during an emergency or power failure.

It can be adapted to all SKB Roller Shutters and requires no power or battery supply. This is especially useful for retail stores, commercial buildings emergency exits, residential security shutters where power failure may disrupt evacuation; opening and closing of business hours or even residential entry and exit to carry out daily activities.

The PALUS simply releases the brake on the motor and enable to the roller shutter to ascend without electrical power. The tool requires light force that can is easily handled by children, women or senior citizens in the event of an emergency.

Most common application of the PALUS is garage shutters, residential security shutters at stairwells or front/side entrance, retail shop fronts with one single entry opening, commercial buildings catered with emergency exits.

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